Gap Year 1-9: Black Self Worth And Travel

Doing something like this gap year (although it is really not a year) is hard enough no matter what your background is but there is also another… Read more »

Gap Year 1-8: Why I Chose…

Yes, I decided to choose me and do the Gap Year. I am interested to see people’s comments and response but let me now share a bit… Read more »

Gap Year 1-7: Selfish or Self-Worth To Leave Your Girlfriend Behind

After significant deliberation, and I do mean significant, our eventual decision to do the gap year was ultimately a “Yes”.  Now, I can’t speak for him as… Read more »

Gap Year 1-6: The Decision

Man oh man ish got real that day lol.  I always told Najah that a gap year was a possibility in the future but even I didn’t… Read more »

Gap Year 1-5: Planning For A Reckless Experience at 30

So from the moment @Travelandtruh and I learned what a gap year was in 2009, we started planning and saving for our own. I mean honestly we… Read more »

Gap Year 1-4: The Opportunity (WTH is a Gap Year???)

So my buddy @travelandtruth and I got the travel bug when were college roommates at Georgia Tech. We took a cruise to the Bahamas for Spring Break… Read more »

Gap Year 1-3: Oh I think I like you..

  So rather or not you thought my life sucked, or you thought it was awesome, or it was somewhere in between, something was at least off… Read more »

Gap Year1-2: So, a little about me

So for all intents of purposes, consulting can really weigh on you especially when you’re traveling coast to coast every week.  However, to be fair, there are… Read more »

GapYear 1-1: Are you Chicken??

We all have different opportunities presented to us at numerous times in our lives but you know what, sometime we are just too chicken to take advantage… Read more »