About Us

My name is Lawrence Phillips and I am an IT consultant by day and a travel addict by night.  I have always loved traveling, so having a consultant job that allows you to fly all over the U.S.  was definitely an appealing opportunity.  With consulting comes a lot of perks so I was able to accumulate a ton of frequent flyer miles and hotel points that allowed me to actually leave my job and travel the world for 7 months!!  Now, I did not have enough points for the trip to be free but it sure did help. In that span of time, I went to all 7 continents and over 30 countries, so boy do I have some stories tell!!  I absolute love exploring the world and experiencing different cultures, food, and mingling with the locals, so this 7 month trip was my grand opportunity.


As  I was on the road, I realized how many people don’t travel because they are uninformed about certain destinations, so my motivation for creating this site is to share my story but also to engage and help other working professionals to explore the world.  This site is more than just a blog as I have developed some tools that will leverage the expanding network of world travelers to provide suggestions and recommendation on future trips.  I have made a ton of travel mistakes and I am sure other travelers have as well. We want to prevent you from making those same mistakes and help you make the most out of your experience!! So until that startup is off the ground, you still got those vacation days. So let’s continue to work but let’s also continue to travel.