About Us

WeWorkToTravel is a travel platform that was created after I quit my job to travel to over 30 countries and all 7 continents. I realized, as I was planning for each destination it took an absorbent amount of time to plan for each city. Even with massive travel sites already in play (you know the ones), it still takes an average of 10-20 hours to plan a trip.  Well, why is that?


1) Travel content is not broken out by travel style.  Sometime you want to be a helpless romantic, a party animal, a beach bum or all the above. There needs to be a site that caters to your various travel styles so you can get to the content that you are looking for fast. Guess what, we are it!!

2) Travel content is fragmented across multiple sites or even within a single site.  The average person will go through numerous sites and spend hours trying to piece together their trip from finding accommodations, things to do, where to party, where to eat etc. What if this could all be found on a single site? Wouldn’t life be easier?

3) Once you find good travel content, you still need to vet the user(s).  Even after looking through tons of user reviews on reading through various travel websites, you still need to figure out who is providing the content.  Do they travel like you, are they always mad at the world, are their opinions relevant?  It’s OK, we have a way for you to quickly find out this info.


We provide comprehensive city guides by travel style and couple it with a custom rating tool where you can rate your overall city experience rather than just rating an activity.  Our goal is to make planning trips easier for millennial travelers so they  can spend more time enjoying the journey.  So go ahead check out some of our city guides like Cartagena, Bali, Havana and leave some city reviews so we can all help each other Research Less and Travel More.